The Queensland Parliament Health Committee, during its inquiry into a bill to decriminalise all abortions to 9 months, commissioned Australian National University to assess the reliability of seven Australian opinion polls on abortion undertaken since 2007, including the Galaxy poll commissioned by the Australian Family Association (Qld) in May this year.

ANU cannot be regarded as an independent reviewer given it had a clear conflict of interest, as its own researchers had conducted three of the seven opinion polls it assessed.

Showing its bias, ANU tried to discredit the Galaxy poll’s findings, claiming that “it did not provide reliable information on community attitudes” due to the “leading nature of the questions, relatively small sample size and lack of information on how the sample was selected and response rates”.

Survived after being born at 21 weeks gestation

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Qld MPs briefed on abortion facts

An all-female panel spoke at a media conference today on abortion related issues including, law, medicine, counselling. The AFA released the results of its new independent opinion poll showing that more voters are opposed to decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland than are in favour. The results show Rob Pyne MP is completely out of touch in moving his private member’s to allow abortion to birth in State Parliament this week.   Read more. poll results

New Poll Shows Abortion Bill Is Out Of Touch With Voters

A new independent opinion poll shows that more voters are opposed to decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland than are in favour, showing Labor Independent Rob Pyne is completely out of touch in moving his private member’s Bill in State Parliament this week. Conducted by independent market research firm Galaxy Research for the Australian Family Association (AFA), this randomised telephone opinion poll of 400 Queensland voters taken last weekend (6-8 May 2016) indicates there is no consensus for the abortion law to be changed...
poll results

....except to introduce safeguards for women such as independent counselling, cooling-off periods and parental consent – as well as conscientious objection provisions for doctors and nurses.

At election time, the research indicates an average swing of 6% would be generated against members of Parliament who had voted in favour of decriminalising abortion (24% swing against versus 18% swing towards).

Copies of the results are being issued formally to each Queensland MP for review.


Some key findings included:

-       Voters of Queensland are quite cautious about abortion and worried about its negative effects:

·       almost everyone (94%) believes that before having an abortion a woman should receive free independent counselling and information so that she can make a fully informed decision

·       more than four out of five (84%) of Queensland voters believe that abortion can harm the mental and/or physical health of a woman.

-       Almost half (49%) of Queensland voters oppose decriminalisation of abortion, with 43% in favour. This contrasts with recent claims by the pro-abortion lobby that there is 80% support for such a move.

poll results

poll result

-       When asked “up to what stage of pregnancy would you allow abortion”, 22% of Queensland voters said “not at all” and 50% said only in the first three months – meaning 72% of Queensland voters are opposed to abortion past the first trimester. An overwhelming majority (85%) of voters are opposed to abortion past 20 weeks, with only 6% in favour.

·       It also should be noted that support for abortion even in the first three months is heavily qualified, with 45% of Queensland voters opposed to abortion for non-medical, that is financial or social, reasons, and only 38% in favour.

AFA spokesperson Angela Duff said: “With 13 specific, objectively-worded questions, this comprehensive research has avoided skimming the surface of the issue as most past polls have done and has drilled down to find out what the Queensland public really believes.”

**The full research report will be released at the launch of the www.AbortionRethink.org  campaign by a coalition of pro-life leaders tomorrow at a Media Conference in the Parliamentary Annexe.**

Full polling results and questions


WHEN: 12.30pm, Thursday, 12th May, 2016

WHERE:  The Dandiir Room, Level

Parliamentary Annexe, Alice St, Brisbane

Brisbane dinner 5th Feb: Richard & Linda Eyre present...

Friday 5th February: Best selling authors on family and parenting from the US, and keynote presenters at the World Congress of Families IX in October 2015, will speak on: “Why the State of the Family Matters and What the World Can Do About it...” at an Australian Family Association dinner in Brisbane. “Linda and Richard Eyre continue to reach out to parents with sage advice on nurturing the family’s value system.” Dr. Phil (USA)

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Palaszczuk government sells out school kids and rewards union buddies

Media Release Wednesday 26 August 2015 (PDF)

The Palaszczuk government’s Education Minister Kate Jones’ school plan does nothing for kids while rewarding traditional Labor Party backers: education bureaucrats and the increasingly unpopular Queensland Teachers’ Union.

“Yesterday’s story by The Courier-Mail’s education reporters concerning Minister Jones’ post-OP System school assessment plans fails to report on widespread opposition by parents to the government’s proposal,” said Australian Family Association spokesperson, Mrs Tempe Harvey.

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Minister Kate Jones must close Qld school cheating loophole

A giant cheating loophole could derail a controversial Qld senior assessment model set to replace the OP System by 2018 when the current Year 9 students reach Year 12.

The model’s co-designer, Dr Gabrielle Matters of the Australian Council for Educational Research, claimed at a recent educators’ forum that cheating occurs in ‘every system’ in response to a questioner who claimed her proposed assessment system irresponsibly failed to address the issue.

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Ashgrove parents urge Qld Premier against experimental Year 12 testing

MEDIA RELEASE:  For immediate release  Monday, 29th December 2014 (download pdf)

Ignoring objections from parents and many other voters in marginal electorates, Queensland’s Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek today pushed a highly experimental post-OP system model for Year 12 testing to the public consultation stage. http://statements.qld.gov.au/Statement/2014/12/29/a-new-era-for-senior-school-education

“Parent and teachers have been door-knocking for months across several Brisbane electorates, including Premier Campbell Newman’s Ashgrove electorate, urging State MPs to reject this very model,” said AFA spokesperson Mrs Tempe Harvey in reference to recommendations of Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

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